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Engagement and Impact

Make a difference globally through engagement and partnerships.

Young professional woman standing in the John Curtin Gallery

Our 2022 commitment

Curtin will continue to focus on embedding sustainability principles and practices across research, learning and the student experience, operations, governance and leadership, guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We will continue to engage through our public facilities and activities, such as the John Curtin Gallery, the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library and our major public lectures.  We will also strengthen our major collaborative partnerships in order to engage with our communities and to provide rich opportunities for our staff, students and researchers.

As a knowledge leader, we will take engagement with our government, industry and corporate partners to a new level.  Leveraging our city presence will be critical, as will a focus on ensuring that we are seen as a collaborative and accessible partner of choice, both locally and internationally.

We are committed to having clear and sustainable strategies in place that deliver positive outcomes for all regions in which we have a presence, including regional Western Australia.  It is also important that we build our capacity to engage with our alumni in ways that will engender their ongoing loyalty and support.