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People and Culture

Empower our staff to lead as part of a diverse, innovative and values-led organisation.

A doctor from Curtin's Health Service smiling at a patient

Our 2022 commitment

Our staff will be inspired to share Curtin’s vision of becoming a leading global university and to proudly work together to achieve the goal in partnership with our students and external stakeholders.

Curtin is large and culturally diverse, spread across multiple campuses and countries.  We will provide work and study environments that are inclusive, collaborative and serve to connect us across these diverse and varied locations, enabled through blended on-campus and online modes.

To deliver impact and excellence in teaching, research and engagement in a sustainable way, we will draw on the personal and professional capabilities of our staff to embrace change, learn new skills, adapt and innovate, connect with industry, continually strive to improve performance, and demonstrate strong values-driven accountable leadership that builds trust across the University.

We will continue to improve employment experiences and outcomes for all staff, built on our already well-embedded values of courage, integrity and respect.  We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment that enables our people to thrive.

We aim to markedly improve diversity in our workplaces, increasing the participation of Aboriginal people, continuing to strive to achieve gender equity, and working to ensure the inclusion of people of diverse abilities and ethnicities.