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Research and Innovation

Deliver excellence and impact in research and innovation.

Staff member standing in front of Curtin's Supercomputer

Our 2022 commitment

We will deliver on our research strengths at the same time as recognising the growing importance of interdisciplinary research and the need to broaden our research base.  We will remain a highly collaborative university, supporting partnerships across faculties, campuses and external institutions.  We will continue to seek and develop research and teaching synergies.

As a university with an established reputation for innovation, we are strongly positioned to capitalise on the global innovation agenda.  This changing landscape will influence funding pools for grants and infrastructure, shape priority areas, influence research training models and encourage collaborations, all of which we will pursue to enhance the research capability and capacity within all of our campuses.

We will continue a major focus on knowledge co-creation, exchange and commercialisation.  We will grow and steward relationships with other universities, governments, and the private sector, both locally and globally, to strengthen and build our capacity to address research problems and deliver outcomes aligned with government and industry priorities.

We will encourage a strong performance culture, underpinned by improved infrastructure planning and a commitment to attracting and retaining talented staff.  We will ensure our early career researchers are able to navigate diverse careers at and beyond Curtin.

Our strong balanced research profile will attract high calibre postgraduate research students and our distinctive postgraduate research options will prepare our students for diverse careers.