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Sustainable Future

Embed a business model that supports our strategic ambitions.

Students outside the Medical School construction site

Our 2020 commitment

To meet our goal of being a top 200 university, our teaching, research and engagement must be supported by appropriate resourcing, infrastructure and leadership. We need a business model that allows us to embrace innovation and respond to key external drivers and risks.

This more resilient business model will bring different services, operating methods and revenue sources, providing us with a sustainable margin to reinvest in our operations. The increased trend for philanthropic investments will, for example, see us engaging in focused advancement activities in order to secure additional support for the University.

We want all of our campuses to be vibrant and welcoming places for the broader community to engage with us across a range of academic, entrepreneurial and commercial activities. The Greater Curtin masterplan shows us the way forward, providing a vision for deep engagement and collaboration with industry and other end-users. We will also ensure that we provide the physical and digital infrastructure we need to support our strategic ambitions.

A culture of continuous improvement will be critical to our future success. We need to understand how successful organisations respond to change and we need to support our staff and partners to embrace the opportunities this presents and, where appropriate, to reprioritise their activities.