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Vice-Chancellor’s welcome

Vice-Chancellor Professor Deborah Terry
Professor Deborah Terry

Curtin University is a vibrant and globally engaged institution.

We are innovative in our thinking and we have a track record of embracing change.

Our graduates are highly sought after by industry and our alumni community comprises leaders all over the world.

We celebrate diversity, have a strong commitment to social justice and pride ourselves on offering a rich campus life for our students and our staff.

“As we move into the next exciting phase of our journey, our focus will be on delivering excellence.”

Professor Deborah Terry

We will continue to transform our learning environments in order to leverage the opportunities afforded by new technologies, aiming to deliver high quality learning outcomes irrespective of mode of delivery. Our goal is to ensure that our graduates are career capable, well-rounded individuals who reflect the University’s values and signature behaviours and are proud Curtin ambassadors.

Our recent success in research has underpinned our improvements in international university rankings. We will seek to retain our areas of strength, at the same time as pursuing emerging areas of research capability. By embracing a culture of innovation, we will provide commercialisation and entrepreneurship opportunities for our staff and students, ensuring that we play a key role in helping to drive the knowledge-based industries of the future.

Developing a clear and comprehensive global strategy, strengthened by deep international partnerships and alliances, will enhance our ambition to be a genuinely global university. At the same time, we will not weaken our resolve to deliver impact in education and research for the benefit of our local communities. On our Bentley campus, the Greater Curtin development will play a critical role in helping us to further intensify our linkages with industry, business and the broader community. At the same time, on our Malaysian campus, investments in new biotechnology and engineering infrastructure will create fresh opportunities for collaborative, research and industry engagement.

I commend Curtin’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 to our students, our staff, our alumni and our partners.  As we prepare to celebrate our first 50 Years of Innovation, this plan will serve as a clear roadmap as we seek to deliver excellence and position ourselves for future success.

Professor Deborah Terry